About Us

As resident of Hillsdale County,  I wanted to offer something beneficial to my local community. With a Real Estate license and a background in property management, I thought: Hillsdale has some incredible REALTORS and Agents to assist the residents when selling their properties, but what happens when your real estate doesn't sell? You should try Renting! Most people look past this opportunity because of all the headaches that it can bring. Others take on the venture but then realize that it's not as easy as they had anticipated. Becoming a Landlord can be stressful and quite time consuming. There are Agents that specialize in selling your home, but what about Agents that specialize in renting your home? This was a service that we felt the community deserved! Hillsdale Rental Management was created to help the home owner get rid of the headache. It was created to help the individual looking to rent find a quality place to call home and relieve them of the constant searching. As a Home Owner or a Tenant, my job is to make your life easier and give you back the time and energy to do the things you want to do. The office is centrally located at  3203 Beck Road  Suite E. Hillsdale, Michigan. --Mark Parker